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kiteboarding lessonsKiteboarding in Tampa, Florida can be dangerous, especially without proper training! Kiting isn't just about riding the board, it also requires knowledge of weather, selecting a proper launch site and practice area, how to take care of your gear, and much, much more. It is an ongoing learning experience, and becoming a seasoned kiter takes years, not days or months.

Finding a good local Tampa Bay area instructor with knowledge of local conditions can help your journey to becoming a kiter. They provide all necessary equipment and teach you the basics, but it does require you to do some "homework" along the way. Trying to learn on your own is no longer tolerated at most Tampa Bay launch sites, as it creates unnecessary risk of access and injury. You earn your respect in this sport by learning properly and kiting safely, nothing else. That means hiring a professional instructor who will teach you the essentials.

Here's 10 great reasons why you should take kiteboarding lessons in Tampa, Florida :

1) Safety First!
Kiteboarding is a dangerous sport. Taking lessons will familiarize you with the safety aspects of the sport and how your equipment works. Knowing this means a safer experience for yourself and those around you.

2) Learn MUCH Faster
Why take months to learn kiteboarding when you can be up and riding in as quick as a few hours? The quickest way to become a kiteboarders is to find a good instructor and take several lessons. The Tampa Bay area provides some of the best learning conditions- anywhere!

3) Save Money
A kiteboarding kit can cost anywhere from $2000 and upwards for new 2011 gear. Taking kiteboarding lessons will give you an idea of if the sport is for you, and Kiteboarding Tampa Bay provides all the necessary gear- kites, boards, harnesses, and booties. Wetsuits are optional, and a good idea in winter months.

4) Trash Someone Else's Gear
The first few hours on a kite you are sure to give your kite a beating. You will be crashing the kite pretty hard (OK, really hard!)  multiple times during your lessons. Since we provide all the gear, you don't have to worry about tearing up your new gear during the learning process.

5) More Respect
There's nothing more aggravating to experienced kiters than someone who doesn't know the core basics of the sport, and refuses to take a lesson. Kiteboarding schools are a great place to meet other beginners just like you. Meet other beginners and practice kiteboarding with them once you're done with the lessons.

6) Discounted Gear
Most kiteboarding schools have great beginners packages available to students, as does Kiteboarding Tampa Bay

7) Builds Confidence
You didn't think you can start kiteboarding by reading your kite manual or browsing the net did you? No book or site can replace one on one instruction. Kiteboarding lessons will teach you valuable knowledge such as how to rig your lines, how to self launch your kite, how to relaunch your kite, how to kite safely, how to go upwind, etc.

8) Learn in safe conditions
If you start by yourself you will have no idea what kind of condtions are safe to learn in. How would you know if the wind is too strong, or even how to read the wind? Your KTB kiteboarding instructor will take you to a beginner-safe beach that will make your learning experience safe and pleasant.

9) Try out different gear
Most kiteboarding shops have a huge range of kiteboarding gear that is ready to try. Taking a kiteboarding lesson with Kiteboarding Tampa Bay will give you the opportunity to try a wide range of gear before you buy.

10) Peace of mind
Taking kiteboarding lessons means a kiteboarding instructor is there to help when you need help. If you drop your kite or loose your board they'll be there to help.