Kiteboarding Lessons Sarasota, Florida (813) 502-9013

Kiteboarding Lessons Sarasota, Florida (813) 502-9013

kitesurfing-tampa-floridaKiteboarding Tampa Bay is the preferred choice in kiteboarding lessons near the Sarasota, Florida area. We can connect you with the best IKO and PASA certified instructors in the Sarasota, Florida area to help you learn to kiteboard faster and safer. The Sarasota, Florida area is well known as a premiere kiteboarding destination and for its white, sandy beaches. Please note our kiteboarding lessons take place well away from the crowds of beach goers in Sarasota, Florida and similar areas. We take you to private, flatwater spots that are perfect for learning to kiteboard.

Certified and Insured Kiteboarding Instructor Referrals

Our instructors and certified by IKO, International Kiteboarding Organization, which the worldwide standard for kiteboarding instruction. Kiteboarding Tampa Bay has been teaching students how to kiteboard here in the Sarasota, Florida Bay area for many years, and operates to the highest standard of quality, and safety.

#1 Kiteboard School in Sarasota, Florida

KTB's recommended certified and insured instructors are available 7 days a week and have a proven lesson plan that will teach you kiteboarding safely.

Call us at (813) 502-9013 if you have any questions about kiteboarding lessons in Sarasota, Florida, or are interested in booking a lesson with one of our recommended instructors.