Online Kiteboarding Courses- Beginner Kiteboarding Guide

Kiteboarding Online Courses & TrainingStep up your Kiteboarding game no matter what your riding level with online training from KTB and Mentor Mob. From first-time kite flyers to pro level shredders, everyone can become a better kitesurfer with training modules on kiteboarding safety, right of way rules, surfstyle & wakestyle tricks, kiteboarding exercises, and more! There's an ever-growing library of training courses created by like-minded kiters and top pros that is only going to get better with time. Although there are no quizzes or tests along the way to test your knowledge at this time, the training modules can become a great tool for both instructors and their students in the future.

  Our focus at Kiteboarding Tampa Bay has always been to provide you with the tools and professional instruction you need to become a safe, independent kiteboarder. Kiteboarding Tampa Bay is proud to be an early supporter of this project, and honored to continue assisting in the development of these, and other, online informational training tools to improve safety in the sport of Kiteboarding.

*Please Be Advised- Kiteboarding Tampa Bay provides a secure online portal to view the course materials and training modules, however clicking links within the training modules will direct you away from our secure https:// connection and to possibly, a less secure connection. Most are good websites, however we cannot guarantee the content, validity, or security of these links. KTB and its owners, sponsors and afilliated instructors receive no compensation nor advertising fees from any company, nor have official afilliation in any capacity with, it's contributors, sponsors, or advertisers.


What Are These Training Modules Anyway?
The online kiteboarding courses, or training modules, are a framework provided by Mentor Mob that divides each training topic into separate step-by-step playlists. The content is provided by contributors from throughout the sport in the form of informational articles and instructional videos. In addition, the training modules continue to grow as new categories and fresh content are added daily. Of course, this isn't a replacement for professional instruction, it will definitely jump start the learning experience and to help prospective kiters understand that there's a LOT to learn to become a safe, independent kiteboarder. For experienced kiters, its a good way to review your safety protocols, learn new things, and of course learn some new tricks!

Here's How It Works-

1. Visit our secure online training portal HERE
2. Access the Online Training Courses via the "Enter Kiteboarding Training Module" button at the bottom of the page. A new window  (tab) will open in full screen for easier viewing and navigation.

3. Register with Mentor Mob using your Facebook Login.

4. Click the red dot to get familiar with the training module controls.

5. Begin your training courses by viewing the topic pages or viewing the video. To move to the next step, simply click the green arrow at the bottom. You may stop whenever you want, as your progress will be saved for your next visit.

WARNIING- Kiteboarding requires instruction from a trained professional. This website, articles on this website, and related online training modules are not a substitute for professional kiteboarding instruction with a licensed and insured Kiteboarding Instructor. KiteboardingTampaBay.Com and, their owners, partners, sponsors, and afilliates make no claim of its authenticity or accuracy of the information contained herein. By using this website, you agree and hold harmless the aforementioned parties who assume no legal right or responsibility for misuse of this information. Please seek qualified instruction.

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