Kiteboarding Lesson Referrals

Part of KTB's free service to the kiteboarding community is our Tampa Bay IKO and PASA Instructor Referrals system. We help take the guesswork out of finding the best instructor available to get you riding quickly and safely with proven kiteboarding lesson plans from IKO and PASA. We appreciate the work of our local certified and insured instructors and happy to help you find an instructor near you. This a free service to the community, and Kiteboarding Tampa Bay has no afilliation or relationship with any instructor, school, or shop we recommend.

Kiteboarding Lesson Rates

Our recommended kiteboarding lesson program far exceeds both PASA and IKO training programs and taught by an IKO certified and insured instructor.

  • Trainer Kite Lesson
  • $75.00
  • First step in learning about kiting and how the wind works
  • Excellent Gift Idea
  • 1 or 2 Person Lesson
  • Learn all the basics of power kite flying
  • View Lesson Plan
  • 3 Hr. Water Lesson
  • $300.00
  • The essential lesson to start Kiteboarding
  • IKO Certified & Insured Instructors
  • 1-on-1 Training
  • Certified & Insured Instructors
  • View Lesson Plan
  • Book It Online
  • 6 Hr. Training
  • $500
  • Most Popular Lesson Package
  • 6 Hours Lessons over 1 or 2 Days
  • Learn to Ride Upwind, Transitions, and Jumps
  • Certified and Insured Instructors
  • View Lesson Plan
  • 10 Hr. Ultimate
  • $750
  • 10 Hours Pro IKO Training
  • Learn in 1 or 2 days
  • KTB's Proven Lesson Plan
  • Certified and Insured Instructors
  • View Lesson Plan

Instructors- Get Free Referrals

Are you an IKO or PASA certified and insured kitebaording instructor? Send us you company info and we can add you to our preferred instructors list. Your students will have full use of KTB website, beginner giudes, and online training courses to help make them "star students". By working together, we can assure that new kiters get the knowledge they need to become safe kiteboarders.

This is a free service provided by KTB and members of Tampa Bay Kiteboarding Association

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Preferred Instructor Requirements

  • Current IKO or PASA Instructor Certification
  • CPR/ First Aid Certificate
  • Copy of General Liability Insurance

Want to become a Kiteboarding Instructor? Get IKO and PASA Instructor Training Course (ITC) information here.