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litewave-kiteboardsWith kiteboards coming in all different styles and sizes, the spectrum of boards offers something for everyone. Following are five types of boards to choose from.

Twin-tip Board
The most universal of kiteboards, the twin-tip can be used for most all riding styles (free-ride, wake-style and surf). Symmetrical at both ends, the twin-tip looks a lot like a wakeboard and is best suited for free-ride and wake-style riding. By far the most commonly ridden board, the twin-tip’s strong suit is freeriding. Twin-tips are ridden with foot pads and straps. If big air and/or wake-style tricks are what you’re looking for, then the twin-tip is for you.

Light-wind Twin-tip Board
When the wind is too light, it’s time to break out your light-wind secret weapon. Typically a bit longer than your average twin-tip, light-wind twin-tips tend to be much wider. Because of the board’s unusual shape, they allow you to ride in very light winds when you might otherwise be sitting on the beach. This board can be a great bread-and-butter board for heavier riders.

Wake-style Board
A twin-tip at heart, the wake-style board differs from a twin-tip in how one’s feet connect to the board. Instead of the foot-pad-and-strap setup of a twin-tip, a wake-style board utilizes bindings, also known as “boots.” Offering enhanced support, security and cushion, bindings often restrict flexibility and are reserved for the die-hard wakeboard enthusiast. Not optimal for beginners, these boards are best suited for advanced wake-style riding.

Race Board
Although racecourses usually come full circle, when it comes to racing, it’s all about how fast you can go upwind. These directional boards are designed with special fins and an effcient shape that will have you pointing upwind like never before. They also offer a scooped nose to prevent nose dives (pearling) when maching downwind to the finish line.

Wave Board
If you're into wave riding or surfing, then a kite surf board is what you need. While twin-tips can be used in the surf, they just do not compare to a wave board. Fashioned in the basic shape and fin configurations as surfboards, wave boards come with integrated traction pads and foot straps. For a more “genuine” surflike experience, take the foot straps off. Because of their high buoyancy, wave boards are also great in light winds and can make getting your first rides that much easier.

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