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People trying to learn on their own are a danger to themselves, bystanders, and every kiter on the water. They are often referred to as “cowboys” or “kooks”, which is a label that no one wants to wear in this sport, and are the main source of injuries, bans, and restrictions on our beaches. Self teaching, or “friends teaching friends”, is no longer tolerated at most launch sites. Please respect yourself,  fellow kiters, and our efforts to maintain access.  Take the time to seek out a qualified instructor and inquire about their lesson plan.

Kiteboarding can pose hazards to surfers, beachgoers, bystanders and others on the water. Many problems and dangers that may be encountered while learning kiting can be avoided or minimized by taking professional instruction through areputable kiteboarding school. Kitesurfing schools provide courses and lessons to teach skills including kite launching, flying, landing, usage of the bar, lines and safety devices.

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