Kiteboarding Lesson Referrals

Part of KTB's free service to the kiteboarding community is our Tampa Bay IKO and PASA Instructor Referrals system. We help take the guesswork out of finding the best instructor available to get you riding quickly and safely with proven kiteboarding lesson plans from IKO and PASA. We appreciate the work of our local certified and insured instructors and happy to help you find an instructor near you. This a free service to the community, and Kiteboarding Tampa Bay has no afilliation or relationship with any instructor, school, or shop we recommend.

Trainer Kite Lesson Information- Tampa Bay Area

Land Training (Beach Lesson with Trainer Kite)

1 Person- 75.00

2 People- 125.00

Trainer-Kite-LessonThe Intro To Kiteboarding Trainer Kite Lesson totals 2 hours and takes place on the beach. You will be flying a 2 line kiteboarding trainer kite that is 3 square meters and will give you a great introduction to flying a power kite using a bar. You will learn valuable kite flying skills and develop hand/ eye coordination and muscle memory that can help you progress more rapidly during your water training. The first hour of the lesson covers all the basics listed below and includes another hour of supervised practice to hone your kite flying skills. Upon completion of your Intro to Kiteboarding Trainer Kite Lesson, you'll be ready to set up and fly your trainer kite any time the wind blows.

 Once you mater the trainer kite, it's also fun and easy to Kite Skateboard or "KiteSk8", using any skateboard or longboard. It's great practice for kite control and board skills, going upwind, downwind, and more.

  • Basic weather topics
  • Site Selection
  • Beach Courtesy/ Flying Area
  • The Wind Window
  • Flying the kite throughout the power zone
  • "Parking" the kite
  • Flying one handed
  • Advanced moves and exercises
  • Simulated water start and power strokes
  • Self launch/ self land
Although these kites are small, they can generate a LOT of power! Always use caution when flying power kites, and always beware of beach users and other hazards.