Kiteboarding Lesson Referrals

Part of KTB's free service to the kiteboarding community is our Tampa Bay IKO and PASA Instructor Referrals system. We help take the guesswork out of finding the best instructor available to get you riding quickly and safely with proven kiteboarding lesson plans from IKO and PASA. We appreciate the work of our local certified and insured instructors and happy to help you find an instructor near you. This a free service to the community, and Kiteboarding Tampa Bay has no afilliation or relationship with any instructor, school, or shop we recommend.

6 Hours Kiteboarding Lesson Package

Intermediate Water Training (2-Day Camp) 600.00

This is our most popular package lesson, and includes 6 hours (3 hours each day, or all in one day) of one-on-one water training. All kitebaording equipment provided during the lessons, and this training can be done in 1, 2, or 3 days, depending on weather conditions and your energy level. (It is often better to give your body a break and your mind a chance to absorb the massive amount of information you learn during training.) All of our lesson plans are the most thorough training available, and exceeds both IKO and PASA standards for Kiteboarding Instruction.


The 2-Day Camp includes all Beginner Kiteboarding Water Lesson topics, plus:

  • Upwind riding techniques
  • Basic transitions
  • Your first jump
  • Perfecting jump technique