Kite Bar Tuning- Checking Line Lengths


How to Check Your Line Lengths on a Kiteboarding Bar

Find a secure attachment point such as a nail in a tree, or tie a leader line off to your car bumper. Once your lines are all clearly laid out, attach the two outside lines to the same secure attachment point. Pick up your bar and pull the lines taut. If the two ends of the bar aren’t pulling evenly, adjust the lines accordingly. Follow the same method with your center lines; if one line sags while pulling them taut, adjust it accordingly. If you notice your kite pulling one way, and your lines are perfectly tuned, check the length of your pigtails. Use a ruler to make sure the front pigtail knot spacing is identical. Repeat this process with the back pigtails.

It is a good idea to make checking your line lengths a habit; check them after every other session. Make sure to check out the rest of our website for more Tampa kiteboarding information, gear maintenance tips, kitesurfing videos, and more.