Johns Pass South- Kiteboarding Spot Guide

John's Pass Kiteboarding Information

John's Pass is on the north end of Treasure Island, Florida and the south side of John's Pass Bridge is a great spot to launch or land from a 5 mile downwinder to/from St. Pete Beach depending on wind direction.

This area offers a wide sandy beach for rigging and launching/ landing . The waves here are usually small but can get large during the tropical storms. The area can get crowded with boat traffic so use caution. The current moving through the pass can greatly affect the power in your kite and upwind ability.  Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced riders only. Beginner kiteboarders should move further North, or South of the Pass to reduce the risk of accidents.

Wind directions: NNW, NW, WNW, W, WSW, SW, SSW, S.

This spot is best during an outgoing tide with an onshore wind due to the speed of the current running through the Inlet. The opposing forces create an “upwind elevator” and add extra power to a relatively light wind.

PRECAUTION: Be careful of dropping your kite or losing your board in this spot during the outgoing tide. The swift moving current can quickly suck your board out to sea or move your kite upwind, making it impossible to relaunch while taking you with it. The area can get extremely busy so watch out for people. Give right away to surfers, skimboarders and windsurfers. Parking can be a problem on the south side of the Pass.

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