Kiteboarding Lesson Referrals

Part of KTB's free service to the kiteboarding community is our Tampa Bay IKO and PASA Instructor Referrals system. We help take the guesswork out of finding the best instructor available to get you riding quickly and safely with proven kiteboarding lesson plans from IKO and PASA. We appreciate the work of our local certified and insured instructors and happy to help you find an instructor near you. This a free service to the community, and Kiteboarding Tampa Bay has no afilliation or relationship with any instructor, school, or shop we recommend.

Beginner Kiteboarding Lesson Information

Beginner Kiteboarding Water Lesson (1-Day Camp) 300.00

Beginner Kiteboarding Lesson Tampa FloridaIf you want to learn how to kiteboard, this is the most important lesson you can take. It is a one-on-one, private 3 hour kiteboarding lesson that takes place in the water. Your beginner kiteboarding lesson also includes practice, discussion, training exercises, and review. Our kiteboarding lesson plan exceeds both IKO and PASA standards, and we are always working to improve our training tools and lesson plans to help you learn to kiteboard faster and safer.

 Kiteboarding Lesson Plan

You will be flying a 4-line inflatable kite and trained on the following topics:

  • Launch Site Selection/ Weather Discussion/ Overview
  • 4 line Inflatable Kite Setup
  • Understanding the Wind Window (Power Zone)
  • Safety Systems Training (Quick Release Discussion & Practice)
  • Kite Handling (beach) Launch and Landing Assistant Training
  • Water relaunch
  • Basic kite control unhooked and hooked-in kite flying
  • Body dragging
  • Upwind board drag
  • Assisted Launch and Land (in water)
  • Safety system release 1
  • Self rescue 1 (instructor assisted)
  • Water Starts/ Stops
  • Kite handling/beach courtesy
  • Review and Practice