Ideal Conditions For Lessons- Kiteboard Beginner Guide

Ideal Conditions For A Beginner Kiteboarding Lesson

When taking a kiteboarding lesson it is important to learn in the right conditions, or you are going to waste valuable lesson time on a "harder to learn" experience. A beginner kiteboarder is generally going to learn and practice their first few sessions in 10-15 knots of clean wind with minimal gusts. This is referred to as "light wind" conditions, and is perfect wind for a beginner to start understannding and controlling the sheer power of a large kite. When the wind falls below 10 knots, the kites become much less stable, and it can be a challenge to even keep the kite flying.
Many students experience very light winds during their lessons- never realizing that it simply isn't enough wind to learn anything. The student can be doing everything right, but a lull in the wind and the kite falling in the water can be downright frustrating, even for experienced kiters. Now the student is trying to relaunch a wet kite in no wind, and wondering why he's getting so frustrated.
If the kite isn't stable at 12:00 above your head, you're not going to learn much during your lesson. Make sure there will be adequate wind for your kiteboarding lesson or reschedule it for another day.

Winds of over 25 miles per hour are not recommended for beginner kiteboarding lessons.


Progressing to Higher Winds and Smaller Kites

As you progress to an intermediate level kiteboarder, you will be able to kite in winds of up to around 20-25 knots. You will need a smaller kite

Winds of over 30 knots are considered higher winds for kiteboarding and definitely not for beginners. Pro kiteboarders can go out in winds of over 40 knots, but also know the risks associated with high-wind kiting.

Even though weather reports give you predictions and current wind conditions, observing the conditions firsthand and comparing them to what was forecasted is tremendously useful in learning local weather patterns.

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