Creating Smarter, Safer Kiters is What We Do!

Kiteboarding Lessons

Experience Matters

KTB has over 10 years teaching beginner kiteboarder training, safety, and progression. Learning with us will make you a smarter, safer kiter.


Professional Instructors

We only work with IKO and PASA certified and insured instructors to ensure your proper training, every step of the way.

Online Kiteboarding Training Courses

Better Training Tools

We set the standard in instruction with beginner resources, online courses, and post-lesson support through our network of industry professionals.


Deals On Kite Gear

Our retail partners offer up to 100% of your lesson fees in discounts on kite gear by using our training tools and network of professional instructors.


 Setting The Standard In Kiteboarding Instruction

kiteboarding tampaKTB knows that quality, professional instruction is the most important selection you can make as a prospective Kiteboarder. We help simplify that decision by providing you with a complete list of the Tampa Bay area's IKO and PASA Certified and Insured Kiteboarding Instructors, which helps assure you that you're hiring an instructor that takes your training, and your safety seriously. Their well-structured kiteboarding lesson plans will speed up your progress, and give you clear, confidence building benchmarks throughout your training. This is the proper learning path to becoming an Independent Kiteboarder, as you will learn step-by-step every thing you need to know.

About Kiteboarding Tampa Bay

Why Should You Choose Kiteboarding Tampa Bay?

What makes Kiteboarding Tampa Bay the preferred kiteboarding school and gear shop in Tampa Bay?
Experience and knowledge. Our instructors are not only great teachers, they have a minimum of 10 years experience as a kiteboarder, worked as assisstant instructors within our kiteboarding school, and have completed the IKO Instructor Training Course. Most of our instructors are IKO Level 2, or Level 2 Senior. In addition, our instructors have further developed the KTB lesson plan that far exceeds IKO and PASA training standards.
KTB has set the standard in safe kiteboarding instruction for this area. We have worked with local officials on a number of safety and access issues related to our sport, and have led the charge for over a decade with the efforts of Tampa Bay Kiteboarding Association members who have logged thousands of hours in the community at events such as beach cleanups and youth events.

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Kiteboarding Lesson Information

There's a lot to learn in the sport of Kiteboarding and a good instructor will have a solid, proven lesson plan to help you reach your goals.

Kiteboarding Weather Resources

Weather Information

Being a Kitboarder requires a good understanding of the weather, wind conditions, forecasting, and knowing when its safe to kite.

Online Kiteboarding Instructional Courses

Online Training Modules

Supplement your kiteboarding lessons with free online training modules for beginner to advanced Kiteboarders.